11 Instagram Foodies You Should Be Following Right Now

Instagram is awesome. Yes, there are some complete knobs on there but for me it’s a place of information and inspiration. People often say that pictures speak a thousand words and I believe that is the case with Instagram. You can generally get a really good idea about a person and what they love just by scrolling through their Instagram feed. Obviously, the first thing you’re drawn to in most cases are the photos. However, sometimes it’s not even about how gorgeous a photo is and what the photo is saying to you at first glance. It can often be more about the words underneath the photo and the story the ‘Grammer is telling with it.

When it comes to finding inspiration, I often find myself following the bread crumbs and going on a random hunt through the thousands of different food pages that Instagram has on offer. If you have any kind of niche regarding your diet, i.e. sugar-free, dairy-free, fish-free, food-that-is-coloured-pink-free, then Instagram is the perfect platform to connect and take inspiration from like-minded individuals.

For me, even though it goes well beyond being a ‘niche’, vegan foodies are the ones I love to go on the hunt for the most. There is absolutely no denying that the vegan movement is growing and growing fast and with this growth comes a whole new wave of Instagram pages dedicated to eating clean, green and (not) mean. People are switching to plant-based diets to better improve their health, lose weight, for the animals and for our incredibly fragile environment (cheers for that, animal agriculture). However, for newbies the thought of switching to a vegan diet and lifestyle can be a daunting one. How do I start? What can I eat? Where do I find good recipes? All of these are great questions and ones that I am asked frequently.

If it’s inspo you’re needing at meal time, then look no further than these 11 Instagram pages. You don’t have to be vegan or even vegetarian to take inspiration from them. They are even fantastic for people who are wanting to lead a cleaner, healthier and more wholesome life or for people that just like to look at really great photos of food (i’m all of the above).

These Instagram pages will both inform and inspire you and they’ll have you on your journey to eating more plants in no time. Believe me when I say, switching to a vegan diet is the best thing you can do for your health, the environment and the gorgeous beings we share this planet with.

Warning: do not scroll through these bad boys if you are already #hangry.

Best of Vegan

Best of Vegan is a daily inspiration page containing thousands of glorious recipes and food photos from a whole handful of different users. From breakfast to dinner, morning tea and dessert, there is something on Best of Vegan for any meal and any time of day. It’s a fantastic page to follow if you are after delicious and easy recipes. The #FoodPorn hashtag was made for this account.


best of vegan

Oh She Glows

Angela Liddon, the founder of award-winning recipe blog Oh She Glows, is the bees knees when it comes to plant-based cooking. She’s a New York Times bestseller and her recipes are simply to die for. Follow her now if you know what’s good for you.


Oh She Glows
Hippie Lane

This woman just oozes cool. One look at Taline and if you’re not vegan already, you’ll want to go vegan. Along with photos of her two gorgeous kids, you’ll find the most beautiful images of her gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free recipes. A beautiful Instagram page that puts the rest of us to shame.


By Saber

A beautiful page dedicated to healthy, plant-based food by New York City based Lina Saber. Meals are based heavily around wholesome fruit and vegetables and Lina is super creative in finding ways to jazz up your favourite meals. Think mango, coconut sticky rice and black sesame rice paper rolls.


By Saber
The Minimalist Baker

Don’t let the name fool you – Dana Shultz isn’t just a baker. She’s a genius across the board and an absolute whizz at creating mouth-watering recipes in 30 minutes or less, with one bowl and 10 ingredients or less. Her recipes are absolutely delicious and provide a quick and easy pathway for people wanting to incorporate more plant-based meals into their life.


Minimalist BAKER

Vegan Food Spot

You know how you stumble across Instagram pages sometimes and the photos are so good you just keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling? And before you know it, half your day is gone. Yeah, well, Vegan Food Spot is one of those pages.

 Sharing vibrant, colourful and beautiful photos from a bucketload of vegan foodies, chefs and bloggers, Vegan Food Spot is a one-stop shop for food inspo.


vegan food spot

Three Bunnies

Spreading kindness one nom at a time, the Three Bunnies Instagram page is run by a vegan couple who dish up a range of colourful and nutritious recipes to their adoring followers. All of their recipes can be found underneath their photos, so when you’re stuck at the supermarket asking ‘What the hell am I going to have for dinner?’ you can go on their Instagram feed and go hey, that looks amazing, imma have that tonight.


Three Bunnies
Elsa’s Wholesome Life

Ellie is a studying dietitian and food and lifestyle blogger who often has very creative ways of making her food look superb. Her Instagram feed is beautiful to look at and her posts often come with factual information regarding foods and their nutritional benefits. One of my favourite Instagram pages.


Flourishing Health

Healthy, vegan food never looked so good. Flourishing Health is an amazing blog run by Tilda, a fruit loving vegan based in Sweden. Tilda consistently provides mouth watering photos of her stunningly presented food, which is all based heavily around the use of fruit. I would move heaven and earth to have a seat at her dinner table.


flourishing health
Vegan Fat Kid

He’s not even fat, but with the amount of bad ass food the Vegan Fat Kid consumes, you’d think he was on his way (he’s not, he’s as fit as anything). The Vegan Fat Kid consistently uploads photos of the foods people often assume vegans miss out on – think tacos, doughnuts, cheesy fries and burgers. Based in LA, he hops around eating at the best vegan cafes and restaurants and uploads mind-blowing, mouth-watering photos to prove it. #VeganAF


Vegan Fat Kid
The Official Kalista

Recipe developer and food stylist Kalista is as good at whipping up delicious vegan meals as she is behind the lens. Her Instagram feed is a sea of bright colours and healthy dishes and her recipes and how-to guides can be found in video form on her YouTube channel.


The official kalista

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