Adidas x Parley for the Oceans: The First Shoe Made of Ocean Waste

Yes, you read that correctly. A shoe made of ocean waste.

However, it’s not just a shoe made of ocean waste. It’s a shoe upper made entirely of yarns and filaments from reclaimed illegal deep-sea gill nets. Even better.

Scientists are now predicting that the majority of our marine life will be extinct within the next 16 years. Further, they also predict that our precious coral reef ecosystems will be entirely destroyed by 2025. With population growth and the increasing amount of pressure that puts on our environment, overfishing, noise, pollution, oil, plastic and the like are going to put an increasingly dangerous burden on our ecosystems. Which, when you think about it, is absolutely frightening considering 70% of the worlds oxygen is produced by marine plants.

Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd bought these damning statistics to the attention of Cyrill Gutsch, the founder of Parley for the Oceans which is ‘a collaboration space where creators, thinkers and leaders from art, film, music, fashion, technology and science partner up with major brands and environmentalists to raise awareness and to collaborate on projects that can end the destruction of the magic blue universe beneath us: Our Oceans.’ Together, they joined forces with Adidas to ‘create a world first shoe upper that is made entirely of yarns and filaments reclaimed and recycled from ocean waste and illegal deep-sea gillnets’. The nets that were used in particular were collected after Sea Shepherd retrieved them after a 110-day expedition tracking an illegal poaching vessel, which culminated off the coast of West Africa.




People often don’t consider the importance of our marine life. If it is destroyed, our planet as a whole will be destroyed and the impact that will have on the world as we know it is unfathomable. Our future and the future of our children looks incredible dire unless we actively stop using plastic, eating seafood and littering which all contribute to the destruction of our marine life. I am not one to usually wear Adidas as I am a long-term faithful to Asics, but they must be applauded for taking onboard such a wonderful initiative and contributing to the fight to save our precious marine ecosystems.

This shoe is a concept shoe that offers a first look at the kind of consumer-ready ocean plastic products Adidas will be revealing later this year. Keep your eyes peeled for them.

‘If the oceans die, we die’ – Captain Paul Watson



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