Angela & Roi

The market and demand for cruelty-free handbags and accessories is on the rise and I could not be happier. A much broader range is becoming available to conscious shoppers and even high-end designers are now providing quality faux options for those after a luxurious piece without the use of animal skins.

Enter Angela & Roi.

I had never heard of Angela & Roi until recently when I quizzed an exquisitely dressed lady in New York who was toting one of their luxe pieces. She went into great detail about her fantastic bag as I man-handled it and fell in love. After doing my research on the Angela & Roi brand, I felt compelled to write a piece on the goodness they are spreading and the quality of their products.

Angela & Roi focuses on producing quality products, customer satisfaction and giving back – not profit margins. They donate $5 from the sale of each bag to a not-for-profit organisation associated with the coloured bag of your choice. For example, if you choose a black bag, there is a black faux-leather removable ribbon attached and $5 from the sale of it is donated to Melanoma cancer research. If you choose a white one, money is donated to lung cancer research and so on and so forth. A list of all the eleven different not-for-profit organisations who receive these funds is on the Angela & Roi website. awareness-flyer

Angela & Roi have flawlessly intertwined consumerism and philanthropy and produced a wonderful result. The bags are simplistic, beautifully structured and have no heavy branding. They are incredibly luxurious to the touch and are made out of high-quality and cruelty-free materials with a range of different shapes, colours and styles.

To view the rest of the beautiful Angela & Roi range, head to

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