Carbon Capture: A Revolution in Packaging

When it comes to household products, most of you will know that I am a firm believer and advocate for using natural and organic products that cause as little harm to the environment as possible. I apply these principles across the board from the food I choose to eat, the skincare and makeup products I use and the cleaning and household products that line my cupboards. Thankfully, most people nowadays choose to use products that are good for them and good for the planet and many consumers continue to look for new innovation that causes no unnecessary harm to the precious earth we inhabit.

Earlier this year, I learnt about ecostores Carbon Capture venture and was blown away by the innovation and lengths they had gone too to create an even greener product than what they were already producing. I have been using ecostore products throughout my home for many years now and I am always impressed with how they produce and create products that are the least harmful to the environment as possible. The Carbon Capture innovation is ecostores next step forward in being one of the leaders in green, clean and eco-friendly household products and a revolutionary step in the right direction for the benefit of our planet.

So what is Carbon Capture? Well, it looks just like a regular bottle of product you would buy from the supermarket but Carbon Capture is much, much more than that. It is an incredible form of packaging made entirely from natural sugarcane which removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere as it grows (much like hemp). It produces packaging that is not only 100% recyclable, but that allows renewable sugarcane crops to trap CO2 as they grow, storing CO2 in the plastic – hence ‘Carbon Capture’.

Carbon Capture

Plastic packaging is obviously one of the worlds biggest environmental pollutants, causing massive amounts of damage to marine life as well as being a burden on landfills. It seriously sucks. However, since converting to Carbon Capture technology, ecostore alone has saved more than a staggering 1,500 tonnes (and counting) of carbon dioxide compared to using regular plastic. Can you imagine how much good could be done if all companies converted to Carbon Capture packaging? And, to add further to ecostores brilliance, in June of this year they celebrated a key brand milestone, having sold more than three million bottles since the brand’s innovative Carbon Capture packaging strategy was launched in 2015. Since then, they have converted 95% of their packaging to renewable ‘plastic’ grown from the sugarcane plant and made the Carbon Capture intellectual property available for any organisation to utilise in an effort to encourage others to follow their leading example.


Every Carbon Capture bottle you choose to buy from ecostore is not only ensuring you are buying a product that is not tested on animals, but also ensuring that you are reducing your carbon footprint and protecting our fragile environment for generations to come. Purchasing household products should never come at the cost of the planet and by making small changes in your home and supporting companies like ecostore, we can all make a small difference.

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