Edgar’s Mission

Sids and I are proud to be ambassadors of Edgar’s Mission, a not for profit sanctuary based in regional Victoria approximately one hour from Melbourne. Edgar’s Mission provides a home and direct care for over 300 rescued farm animals that have been neglected, abused, injured or abandoned. In 2012 and 2013, 5454 animals were rescued and rehomed by Edgar’s Mission.

Animal rights and animal welfare are two things Sids and I are incredibly passionate about and we have made a commitment to each other and to Edgar’s Mission to work as a team to increase society’s circle of compassion to include all animals, not just household pets. We try to achieve this through advocacy, education, information and by promoting cruelty free living.

The love and the passion Edgar’s Mission devote to animals and their work is unrivalled. It is an absolute honour to be ambassadors for the sanctuary and I hope that you will join me in supporting this wonderful organisation. Visit to read about the stories of the rescued animals, become a best buddy or learn more about the wonderful place the animals call home.IMG_0824The Penguin Foundation

The Penguin Foundation was established to protect and preserve one of Australia’s most important natural assets – the little penguin. It aims to provide a dedicated source of funding to support little penguin conservation projects on Phillip Island. These include little penguin rescue and rehabilitation in the event of a man-made disaster; building new little penguin nesting areas; monitoring little penguin health and behaviour; protecting the little penguins’ natural environment; and contributing funding to the vital Phillip Island Nature Parks Wildlife Clinic on Phillip Island. Since its establishment in 2006, the Penguin Foundation has raised over $1.5 million.

Sids and I see it as an absolute honour to be ambassadors for the Penguin Foundation. Being vegans, animal rights and welfare is at the forefront of our beliefs. We greatly admire the work that the researchers, rangers and everyone else involved with the Penguin Foundation do to help protect the lives, welfare and environment of one of Australia’s most important creatures – the little penguin.

Visit to find out more about about the little penguins and the Phillip Island Nature Parks and how you can adopt your own little penguin.IMG_0678Kangaloola Wildlife Shelter

Kangaloola is a not for profit wildlife shelter based in the bushland approximately 10 kilometres outside of Yackandandah, Victoria, which is roughly a 30 minute drive from Albury-Wodonga. It is incredibly isolated, receives no government funding and is run solely by one woman, with support from her husband and local and international volunteers. The shelter can only be accessed by dirt road and it has no access to town water, electricity or other utilities.

The shelter provides 24 hour, 365 days a year care for a wide variety of native wildlife, including kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, wombats, possums, gliders, and native birds. More often than not the animals that come into Kangaloola’s care are victims of bushfires or road accidents and need ongoing medical treatment and rehabilitation before they are released into the wild again.

Visit to donate and for more information.IMG_20140127_180707