Cruelty-Free Fashion: A Winter Wardrobe Guide

Winter is not my cup of tea. Give me 45 degrees and sunshine any day of the year and I am a happy woman. I dream of chasing the sun around the world and living on a tropical island in constant heat forever, however I am a realist and I can not see that happening in the foreseeable future, much to my disgust. Even though we are now (thankfully) in the final month of winter, Melbourne temperatures still continue to offend me as they hover around single figures and most of us Melbournians are still actively looking to update our winter wardrobes with pieces that are as stylish as they are warm.

Earlier this week, I wrote a piece for PETA Australia about cruelty-free fashion and some great pieces to add to your winter wardrobe (you can see the Daily Mail article here). Over the last decade, people have become increasingly aware of some of the fashion industries dirtiest secrets and most no longer consider living cruelty-free as just keeping animals off their plates. Fashion now plays an instrumental part in ensuring that the term ‘cruelty-free’ extends to all corners of ones lifestyle and not just their dietary choices. As todays consumers become more aware of how they are spending their money and what they are supporting, many are shunning the idea of wearing products derived from the skin or fur of animals and opting for kinder and more environmentally-friendly alternatives.

With this in mind, shopping for cruelty-free products has never been easier and nowadays there are an abundance of fashionable alternatives to products that contain fur, leather and wool as more big brands and retailers continue to offer cruelty-free options to their customers. Gone are the days when the words ‘sustainable’, ‘cruelty-free’ and ‘environmentally-friendly’ were merely buzzwords that were used sparingly by marketing agencies. Now, consumers are actively seeking products with those tags and designers are regularly looking for ways they can give back with the products they create or with the messages they convey to their customers. For example, just recently we have seen International label G-Star collaborate with Pharell Williams to offer a range of clothing called RAW For The Oceans where plastic is being retrieved from shorelines and being transformed into wearable denim. At the same time, worldwide favourite Stella McCartney continues to push the boundaries with her fur-free and leather-free products encouraging other leading designers to incorporate animal-friendly materials into their ranges.

Take a look at these on trend items that will have you covered in the style AND warmth department from your head to your toes during winter. Next time you are thinking of purchasing a new item for your wardrobe, please remember it is cool to be kind and fashion should not come at the expense of any of our furry, fluffy or feathered friends.

Givenchy Eva Rain Boot


Blank NYC Vegan Leather Pants


Blank NYC Vegan leather pant

Unreal Fur Unreal Dream Jacket


Unreal Fur

Mat & Nat Baxter Tote


Mat & Nat baxter totw

SuperDry Hooded Fuji Slim Double Zip Jacket


Superdry puffer jacket
Public Desire Natalia Over The Knee Boot


Public Desire over the knee boot

Glamorous Faux Suede Open Toe Boots


Glamorous shoes

Stella McCartney Black Becks Shoulder Bag


Stella Mccartney becks shoulder bag

PETA Faux not Fur Lapel Pin


faux not fur

Nasty Gal Atomic Vegan Leather Jacket


Nasty Gal vegan leather jacket

Lola Ribbon Fedora Hat


Lola fedora hat

Alpha Industries MA-1 Flight Jacket


Alpha industries


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