Denise Roobol

I love nothing more than seeing young designers inspiring people to make conscience decisions when it comes to fashion, so you can imagine my absolute delight when cruelty-free designer Denise Roobol popped up on my radar. To say I love her handbags is an absolute understatement.

Young Dutch designer Denise Roobol created her self-named designer accessories label last year with a vision that fashion and nature should work in sync with one another. She wanted to create a label to inspire and convince people that fashion doesn’t have to come at the expense or the suffering of another. Her first range of stylish, ultra-modern and classic accessories challenge the idea that ‘leather is better’. With minimalistic and functional design, Denise Roobol handbags and accessories are proof that fashion can be cruelty-free and eco-friendly as well as stylish and ultra-luxe at the same time. 10497059_648242135261699_4658278181944298579_o-2

Whilst I am a massive sucker for a fabulous and simplistic bag, under no circumstance will I ever sacrifice my beliefs and purchase something that another being has had to suffer for or one that is a burden on the environment (hello mass cattle farming and leather tanneries!). Despite what you may have been told, leather is not simply a ‘bi-product’ of the meat industry. It is a monstrous money-making entity on its own that generates billions of dollars each year.

There has been so many advancements in the faux leather market in the past few years and designers like Denise Roobol are paving the way for sustainable fashion. There is more that goes into these high-end faux leather bags than some may realise. Gone are the days where faux leather was associated with being cheap and of poor quality. It is a real art creating a material that not only feels and looks like real leather, but also one that is durable and sustainable at the same time. Leather is something that is readily accessible and features in most handbags today (it’s not a luxury if everyone has it, right?), so if you are after a real luxury item, switch to a high-end faux leather designer like Denise Roobol.

Denise Roobol can be found online here. If you are interested in ordering one to Australia, email

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