Easter Eggs: The Delicious & Cruelty-Free Alternatives

Easter is a win on all fronts in Australia. It brings a four-day weekend and a chance to stuff our faces with mountains of chocolate and have a legit excuse for it. However, Easter isn’t a win for everyone. Unfortunately for the more than a million cows that suffer on dairy farms around the country (and the tens of millions around the world), Easter is a time of sadness, suffering and constant toil to supply milk chocolate makers with sufficient quantities of milk to make your Easter eggs (and all the other crap milk products are found in).

Theoretically, if you support the dairy industry, you also support the mass slaughter of baby calves who are taken from their mothers at only a day old so the milk intended for them can be given to humans instead. Cows produce milk for the same reasons humans do: to nourish and feed their young. Yet these babies are often put on a truck and sent off to slaughter at only a few days old so they can be killed to make veal or leather products or simply because they’re of no use to the dairy industry. All so humans can brink their mothers milk.

We are the only species on the PLANET that consume the milk intended for another species. As grown adults, we consume the milk of another animal that is designed to turn a 50kg calf into a 500kg cow in less then a year. Take a moment to think about that. You’re consuming the same product. Not only that, dairy farms place a massive burden on our environment in terms of water and land use. The National Water Commission estimated that the dairy industry alone was responsible for more than 19% of all the water used in Australian agriculture.

(You can read more about the dairy industry here, here and here).

These days it is so easy to be compassionate while still being able to enjoy your favourite Easter treats. The big brands are introducing more and more dairy-free options into their ranges and delicious choices are readily available everywhere. So this Easter, why don’t you spare a thought for the dairy cows suffering on farms around the country and skip the dairy Easter eggs. Go cruelty-free and try some of the amazing options on the market catering to those with food allergies and those that are just interested in enjoying healthier and kinder chocolate, sans dairy.

Burch & Purchese

Burch & Purchese is world famous for their chocolate and sweets and are based locally here in Melbourne. This single origin dark chocolate egg is the perfect Easter treat for sophisticated chocolate lovers and those looking to be a bit more generous with their Easter gifts this year. Hand sprayed with Cuban single origin dark chocolate and brushed with 35 carat gold, this egg inside an egg is almost too good to eat. Just sit it on your kitchen bench and admire it for a while. Seriously.

Burch Purchese

Pana Chocolate

I remember first meeting Pana, the founder of Pana Chocolate, selling his creations from a stall at World Animal Day at Edgar’s Mission almost five years ago. I loved his chocolate then and I love it even more now. Pana Chocolate is all raw, organic and homemade and it contains no dairy, refined sugar, soy or gluten. For Easter, they offer a dance of delicious Easter treats inshore and a gift pack containing four of their most popular flavours that are all heaven sent.
Pana ChocolateMoo Free

Available from most good health food stores, Moo Free is a great choice for people with food allergies and those who like chocolate that tastes exactly like milk chocolate. Made from organic rice milk chocolate in a factory that doesn’t manufacture any cows milk products, the Moo Free Easter eggs are natural, organic and made using ethically sourced ingredients.
Moo Free

Sweet William

Available from The Cruelty-Free shop and most big retailers such as Coles, Woolworths and IGA, Sweet William offer a range of Easter treats suitable for the semi-health conscious and not-so-health conscious. Their Sweet As Easter bunnies range is offered with no added sugar and available in multi packs making them ideal for Easter egg hunts and sharing with friends and family.
Sweet William Easter


Booja-Booja is an English company that is world famous for their vegan melt in your mouth truffles. Words cannot even describe how good they are. The Booja-Booja hand-painted Easter eggs are exquisite to look at and even more exquisite to taste and they come in a range of different flavours including Hazelnut Crunch, Almond & Sea Salt Caramel and Midnight Espresso. The Booja-Booja range is also organic, gluten-free, dairy-free and soya-free.
Booja BoojaMontezuma’s

Montezuma’s offer a delectable dark chocolate and crunchy cacao nib egg in award-winning eco-friendly packaging. Free from soya, dairy, gluten and preservatives, Montezuma’s 

focus on organic, fair-trade and environmentally friendly practices and is a privately owned company based in the UK.

Alpha Confectionary

A family owned Australian business, Alpha Confectionary has been making dairy, nut and gluten-free chocolate for over 30 years. They offer a range of large and small eggs (never too old for Easter egg hunts) which are available from various retailers and The Cruelty-Free Shop.

Alpha Eggs


Believe it or not, Lindt actually offer a vegan dark chocolate Easter bunny. You’ll find this in most supermarkets wrapped in their iconic gold foil with a ribbon around the neck of the bunny. The dark chocolate is smooth, delicious and easily accessible for most, so it’s a great choice for last minute Easter gifts.

Lindt Gold Bunny

Side note: There is a great range of dairy-free Easter eggs to be found at David Jones if you have one in your area.

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