Eat Vegan: Ubud, Bali

Lord knows that when I travel, I eat. And by eat, I usually mean my body weight and Bali is a place that is absolutely bursting at the seams with fantastic vegetarian and vegan food.

 Most people who are lucky enough to find themselves in Ubud have a particular interest in health and wellness, which is why you’ll find such a vibrant, organic and vegan restaurant scene


Bali has such a beautiful positive energy that is unlike anywhere else in the world (if you go to the right places). 

Ubud in particular is known for its yoga, meditation, laid-back lifestyle and healthy food. Personally, I think Ubud is up there as one of the best plant-based destinations in all of Asia. On every street you can easily find healthy food, delicious fresh juices and coconuts and an abundance of different cuisines to tingle your tastebuds.

Unfortunately in just over a week I still didn’t manage to get to all the cafes and restaurants I wanted to visit. To my disappoint, my stomach can only hold so much food, despite how much I try and stretch it. However, in the week or so I was there, I did manage to visit quite a number of different places and enjoy some of Ubud’s finest plant-based cafes and restaurants.

If you love relaxing, great food and want to escape the hustle and bustle of places like Seminyak, having some time in Ubud is a must. I spent a week there and could have easily stayed longer. There is an abundance of delicious places to eat healthy and nutritious meals, loads of activities like mountain biking and beautiful walks through the scenic Ubud region and a whole host of day spas where you can really unwind and relax (and let the bucketload of food you’ve consumed digest). One thing I really enjoyed doing when I was there was a Balinese herbal walk and class with one of the locals to learn how they make their skincare products using only natural plant ingredients. I highly recommend it if time allows.

Balinese Herbal Walk  
                                                                                    Image: Balinese Herbal class

If not, then please consume as much of the delicious food found in Ubud as physically possible.


This lovely two-storey restaurant is located on one of the busiest streets in Ubud. Spiritual-seeking folk, namely Americans and Brits, can often be found loitering at Kafe and soaking up the free wifi.

 Serving everything from salads, to nachos and tasty raw desserts and a massive healthy drinks menu, Kafe has something for everyone.

If you can get a seat outside, sit on the upstairs balcony and watch the world go by. It is actually quite peaceful.

Kafe, Ubud

Image: My lunch company at Kafe

Sari Organik

As equally delicious as it is nutritious, Sari Organik is a gem hidden amongst the rice fields. Set on an organic farm that has a strong focus on sustainability, Sari Organik is an amazing restaurant that provides a range of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options. Approximately 800m from the main road on foot and within walking distance to the busy markets in Ubud, Sari Organik is a fantastic choice for people wanting to escape the small hustle of Ubud and find some real piece and quiet.

Image: The gorgeous Georgia at @georgeats.

Image: The gorgeous Georgia at @georgeats. I ate mine too quickly.

The Seeds of Life

Serving raw vegan food with a huge range of juices and elixirs, The Seeds of Life is for people who are reeallllyyy healthy. Like, really healthy. You’ll find a yoga studio upstairs, a really ‘earthy’ vibe and people mingling and walking around barefoot.

 The Seeds of Life also serve a large range of raw vegan desserts which are absolutely delicious. If really healthy and really ‘earthy’ is your vibe, then pay The Seeds of Life a visit.

The Seeds of Life Ubud

Wulan Vegetarian Warung

A gorgeous little restaurant run by a gorgeous bunch of women, Wulan Vegetarian is a fantastic restaurant serving delicious, wholesome and fresh vegetarian and vegan food. I had a glass of sugar can juice, a wheatgrass shot and the Nasi Campur and the total came to under $4 – an unbelievable price and completely and utterly delicious.

 Wulan Vegetarian has a really calm and peaceful vibe to it and I found myself sitting there quite comfortably for well over an hour



Nine Heaven Vegan Warung

My first pit-stop upon arriving in Ubud was Nine Heaven and it set the benchmark quite high for the rest of my stay. Nine Heaven is a humble little place on the main street that you could quite easily miss if you weren’t concentrating. The food is full of flavour, affordable and the servings are very generous.

 Try the vegan ice-cream after your meal. It won’t disappoint.

nine Heaven Ubud

Down to Earth 

Down to Earth has a sister cafe in Seminyak and is a very popular place amongst tourists. Serving fresh, wholesome and delicious vegetarian and vegan food, Down to Earth has something on the menu for everyone and even meat eaters will enjoy their food. You’ll need extra time to just to scroll through all the incredible meal items and be prepared to visit Earth cafe a few times – you’ll have too!

Earth Cafe

Image: Via HippieLane


An entirely vegan designer ice-cream bar. No other words needed.


Founded by American expat Chloe Carter, Kismet is a really cool little venue offering great food, great drinks and great wifi.

 The Kismet food and drinks menu is really different to a lot of the other cafes in Ubud and offers a surprising array of creativity and also home comforts. Try the tempeh or tofu skewers with peanut sauce or give their famous coffee a shot.

A bit on the pricier side by Ubud standards, but still ridiculously cheap. Kismet also has a great shop selling cool jewellery, clothing and accessories.

Kismet Ubud

Bali Buda

I found the menu at Bali Buda steady. The food was fresh and nutritious, however I thought some of the other places in Ubud were more appetising. The drinks here, however, are absolutely scrumptious and the adjoining shop they have serves a whole host of delicious vegan treats that are simply to die for.

Bali Buda Ubud

Veggie Table

The food at Veggie Table was simply outstanding. It was presented beautifully, full of flavour and there was plenty of variety on the menu. The staff here were also super friendly which made the whole experience even better. You don’t need deep pockets to eat here (or virtually everywhere else in Bali) as the food is super cheap. Veggie Table is also a great place to come on your own as the seating is quite limited. Highly recommend! (Sorry, no photo as both my camera and phone were out of battery – rookie error!).


A fantastic little place with a health shop attached to the side. Here you can make your own fresh salads and smoothie bowls and everything is raw vegan. But don’t let that deter you! Some of the most delicious and nutritious food i’ve ever eaten has been eaten at Alchemy. A must visit for anyone.

And don’t leave without trying their peanut butter cup. It will knock your socks off.

Alchemy Ubud
Places I (Unfortunately) Missed

Clear Kafe
Yoga Barn Garden Cafe
Living Food Lab

..and many, many more

What’s your favourite place to eat in Ubud?

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  • Marek says:

    Some of this places are more for meat eater. I do not like if on same place they serve meat food and for vegetarians. Some people are vegetarian mainly because they feel with animals and they are again killing animals. I think, if it is some place friendly to vegetarian, should serve only vegetarian food and not in same pot cook meat.. Bad sample is Sari Organik

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