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Firstly, let me make something obvious even more obvious – it has been a while between posts. Believe it or not, planning a wedding and getting married, starting a new career and building a house takes up a fair chunk of time. So, if you have been wondering what the hell I have been doing, there is your answer. Apologies to those concerned*, but you will be pleased to know I am back and planning on regaining my old momentum. And what better way to welcome myself back than with an incredible cruelty-free, vegan and environmentally friendly company straight outta’ New Zealand, Ethique.

Ethique (pronounced Eh-tique) is a skincare company focused on marrying science with nature and creating premium products with a climate neutral environmental impact. Founded in Christchurch, New Zealand, Ethique breaks the conceptions about solid ‘soap’ bars, their uses and their effectiveness by creating highly concentrated products that are good for you and your family, good for your home and good for the environment.

I was introduced to Ethique by a family friend, Bronnie, who lives in Christchurch and is very familiar with the brand. She came over to visit my parents and was telling me about these amazing products she uses for her hair and skin that looked like a soap bar, but were far from it. She whipped out the boxes and insisted I had a look into them. Righto, Bronnie.

Initially, I was sceptical about the products. After all, it just looked like a normal slab of soap and I have always been told to never use regular soap on my hair or skin. Right? I was curious to see the effectiveness of the products and was left asking a lot of questions. Will the shampoo bar dry out my hair? Will the conditioner make my hair smooth and shiny? Will the cleanser make me break out or dry out my skin? All of these unanswered questions were burning through my brain, but Bronnie insisted they were amazing, so to the shower I went.


The shampoo bar packaging said, ‘wet your hair and the bar. Swipe the bar down your hair several times from root to tip’. Righto. Several times to Anna = shitloads. So I swiped it down my hair approximately 10 times (mind you, my hair is super fine but there is HEAPS of it) and low and behold, it started foaming like soft, fluffy whipped (vegan) cream and before I knew it, I was making hair cones on my head with the lather. It was amazing.

After rinsing and finishing off my serving of humble Bronnie pie, I moved onto the conditioner. As I applied it, following the same instructions as the shampoo, I felt a silkiness come over my hair and was met with a smell of absolute deliciousness. While letting the conditioner sit, I used the Ethique Sweet Orange & Vanilla body bar (smells like heaven) which glided along my skin, leaving a very subtle layer of foam. I then proceeded to rinse out my conditioner, dry my hair and I was in shock with what I was left with. I shit you not, my hair was super shiny, had that ridiculously light and clean feel and most importantly, it looked amazing. I then had another slice of humble pie.

So what is Ethique and how do the products work? 

Ethique’s founder, Brianne, was in her second year of her university science degree when she discovered a way to make solid shampoos. Being a biologist and formulator extraordinaire, Brianne went on to create over 30 different solid beauty bars including shampoos, conditioners, exfoliants, pet shampoo, self-tan (oh my god), serum, a mens shaving bar, serums, household cleaners and more. 

The bars that Ethique produce are heavily, heavily concentrated and naturally dense. With most other products, whether they be skincare, haircare, body wash, whatever, you will often see that the first ingredient is ‘aqua’ and up to 70% of the content of that bottle can be water (no way). When it comes to shampooing and conditioning, why would you want water as the main ingredient of your product, when you are going to be adding water anyway? With Ethique, they skip the water entirely and what you are left with is a solidified, highly concentrated product full of potent natural ingredients that lasts three to six times longer than regular bottle products.

But stay with me, because it gets better. So far, Ethique has prevented more than 150,000 bottles (that is not a typo) from being made and thus disposed of. Driven by the hashtag #giveupthebottle, Ethique hopes to reach their next goal of one million bottles and encourage everyone to start considering the amount of post-consumer waste they create. All of Ethique’s packaging is 100% compostable, meaning zero consumer waste. Even their soap containers can be thrown in the compost. They are also certified climate neutral, completely cruelty-free and vegan friendly and certified BCorp. In fact, Ethique are so good at what they do, in 2015 they were recognised as New Zealand’s most sustainable business. Music to my ears.

Overall, not only are Ethique’s products top quality and do the job they are designed to do, they are also incredibly kind to the environment and a fantastic way to reduce your waste and improve your green footprint, which everyone should be looking to do, regardless of their situation. What is not to love about this brand, seriously?

Side note: The Ethique products are also fantastic for travelling. Cut a small piece from your existing Ethique block, place it in a soap container or resealable bag and ta-da! No more concerns about the sheer weight (normally me) of your toiletries bag. ‘Got any liquids in your carry on, Mam’? Ha, liquids, please!

You can read more about the amazing-ness that is Ethique and see a video showing that I AM telling the truth about how amazing the hair products foam by heading over to the Ethique website. Also, if you want to read some of the hundreds of incredibly reviews on their products, be sure to visit the Ethique Facebook page.

Products I have used:

Frizz Wrangler Solid Shampoo Bar

The Guardian Solid Conditioner Bar

Sweet Orange & Vanilla Crème Bodywash Bar

Lavender & Vanilla Glow-Solid Deodorant

Bliss Bar Face Cleansing Bar

and they were all winners!

*Or not concerned at all.

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