Found My Animal: Accessories for Adopted Pets

Looking for a gift for your furry friend this Christmas? Well look no further.

Found My Animal are an a-mazing company I recently stumbled across who are supporting rescue groups in a massive way. Through the sale of their unique harnesses, leashes, collars and other accessories for dogs and cats, Found My Animal are working to raise awareness on adopting pets and encouraging people to rescue and adopt instead of buy. Popular with celebrities, all of the Found My Animal accessories are handmade in Brooklyn, NY using only environmentally and socially responsible labour. Kind? Tick. Stylish? Tick. Environmentally friendly? TICK!

Each leash, for example, comes with an individually numbered stamped brass tag that serves as a reminder of the uniqueness and individuality of your pet and also of all the animals that Found My Animal haVE helped so far. It promotes animal adoption in a very direct way by letting your pet wear your values. By encouraging rescue and adoption over purchase, Found My Animal support animal welfare by asking pets and their owners to help deliver their simple and important message – ADOPT DON’T SHOP.

My fur-babies are my children and they are more spoilt come birthdays and Christmas then my partner is. They are part of the family too and whether they understand the concept of giving or not (i’m still waiting for my presents), it is so heartwarming seeing them get excited about new toys or treats come Christmas Day.

Other animal lovers will understand.

As some of you will know, I have four rescue dogs (below) and they are my absolute everything. They all have different stories to tell and they are all different breeds. No breed is perfect. I do NOT support breeders, pet stores or puppy farms and will never support them. 250,000 dogs are put down in Australia every single year because homes can’t be found for them. That is 250,000 too many. Why people continue to buy, shelter dogs die so please don’t support breeders, pet stores or online businesses.  There is more to a dog than its appearance or breed. Every dog will love you regardless.

Rescue Dogs
If you are looking at welcoming a furry friend into your home, please consider your circumstances and know that welcoming an animal into your world should be for the duration of its life, not until it’s inconvenient for you. There are so many amazing rescue groups that are always look for foster carers or new homes for furry friends, so please get in touch if you are considering welcoming one into your fold.

If not, then i’m sure you have friends with four-legged family members, so why don’t you consider wrapping one of these Found My Animal gifts up for Christmas? By doing so you’re showing your support for the hundreds of thousands of animals who won’t have a home this silly season.

You can purchase Found My Animal in Australia here. Alternatively, visit the Found My Animal online store here.

NB: Some of the Found My Animal collars are made with a small amount of leather and some a small amount of wool. Please be wary of this and avoid those particular styles if you are a vegan.




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