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Sparkly Toothy Tabs by Lush.

I’ve been a big fan of Lush Cosmetics for quite some time now. With their strong stance on animal testing and their increasing range of vegan products, Lush really is a haven for delicious smelling, ultra-luxurious cruelty-free products. Lush believe in creating products made from fresh and organic fruit and vegetables and only the finest essential oils. Further to this greatness, they only buy ingredients from companies that do not commission testing on animals and all of their products are made by hand using only vegetarian ingredients. Every single product at Lush is vegetarian. Every single one. With most even being vegan. Bloody brilliant!

I recently called into one of their stores in Nottingham, England and came across a product called Toothy Tabs – toothpaste in tablet form (bizarre). I’d never seen anything like them before. These have apparently been around for years, and i’ve only just discovered them. Shame on me. They almost look more at home in someone’s mouth in Ibiza (party!) then in your bathroom cabinet.

Dirty Toothy Tab















So, curiosity got the better of me and I purchased a pack. I went with the Sparkle Toothy Tab flavour originally for its whitening properties. You put one tablet between your teeth and then nibble it into little pieces. You then wet your toothbrush head and proceed to brush your teeth as normal and the tablet pieces foam up into this lather like ordinary toothpaste. It’s quite amazing! The taste was….bizarre. Almost a lemon, vanilla, peppery type flavour which kind of lights your mouth on fire in a good way. Afterwards, your teeth feel super clean, smooth and plaque free and once you get over the concept that all toothpaste should be associated with a ‘mint’ flavour, the taste actually grows on you.

I must admit I was rather sceptical about these at the start as they don’t contain any fluoride like ordinary toothpastes and i’m really in two minds about the fluoride v fluoride free debate. However, as most people know, I am absolutely anal about my teeth and take great pride in looking after them properly and according to Lush, a three month trial with an independent dentist was conducted on Toothy Tabs. The results showed that these toothy treats were powerful: teeth were found to be clean, with no increased sensitivity, and some participants even saw an improvement in dental hygiene. A tick from me.

When you’re buying toothpaste, you must keep something in mind. Toothpaste becomes a paste because it contains water. And when most toothpastes contain water, preservatives are often needed too. This is not the case with Toothy Tabs. There are no preservatives, harsh chemicals or crap. Ingredients such as sodium bicarbonate (i’ve been using this as a whitener on its own for YEARS) and cream of tartar form the base of Toothy Tabs. Then kaolin powder works to remove plaque and build-up. Further, antibacterial natural essential oils such as lavender, lemon and lime get rid of the bad-breath causing bacteria as nature intended. All naturalleeeee my friends. Another tick from me.

The Toothy Tabs come in seven different flavours including Sparkle, Aquatic, Dirty, Breath of God, Chou Chou… I love you, Ultrablast and Atomic. The packaging is 100% recycled cardboard therefore not contributing to the millions of aluminium or plastic tubes which end up in landfill each year. They are brilliant allies for travel as the little suckers only weigh 0.3g per tablet and 12g for an entire box, which equals more room for clothes and no issues with mL’s when flying. They’re overall a perfect companion for camping, festivals and travel and even if they’re not your thing and you prefer toothpaste, the novelty of them is quite entertaining.

You can read more about Toothy Tabs here or pop into a Lush Cosmetics store. A list of store locations in Australia can be found here.

Has anyone else seen products like toothy tabs before? If so, I would love to hear about them.

Breath of God


  • Leah says:

    Hi! So it seems I’m a bit late to this post but I was wondering if you still like to use these and that they definitely work? As for the lack of fluoride (I don’t know anything about the debate) would it work using a fluoride rinse alongside the tabs?

  • Emily says:

    Hey what ones are your fav??

  • Leanne says:

    I tried Toothy Tabs too – the ‘Dirty’ ones – and found them great! Cute recyclable box, refreshing taste and teeth had no complaints. 🙂 The only other similar thing I’ve seen (as in a dry tooth cleaner) is tooth powder on Etsy. Great info about the positives of water-free, thank you.
    Leanne x

  • Jackie says:

    Not sure advocating a fluoride free toothpaste is a good idea. People may decrease one problem- being landfill and give themselves another with dental decay that nessecitates the use of a whole range of equipment and products to fix this new issue…
    Surely they could have incorporated fluoride in the tabs?

    • admin says:

      Hi there Jackie,

      Thanks for reading the post!

      The Fluoride debate is always a tricky one. Some advocate for it, others don’t. I’m not sure if you’re based in Australia or not, but in Aus we have fluoride in our water as well.

      If you’re unsure and considering trying out the Toothy Tabs, maybe it’s something worth asking your dentist about. And Maybe Lush will consider making an option with Fluoride down the track.

      Thanks for voicing your concerns and reading the post!

      Anna x

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