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Mad et Len – my utmost favourite brand for candles and home fragrance. A brand that makes you recall a distant past where perfumes and candles didn’t contain cheap, toxic fillers but rather genuine notes of authentic flower, wood and spices. Raw luxury made by hand, not machine. A perfume that beautifully lingers around the room at exactly the right intensity.

Mad et Len was started in 2007 by husband and wife team Sandra Fuzier and Alexandre Piffaut after they grew tired of their office jobs in Paris. They wanted to do something more ‘authentic’ with their lives so they moved to the tiny village of St. Julien du Verdon in the south of France and started the Mad et Len boutique range of candles, home fragrance and perfumes. Or, as I like to call it, a boutique range of heaven, luxury and deliciousness.

Made entirely by hand using only high quality ingredients, Mad et Len is about taking perfumery and craftsmanship back to its roots. Using pure essential oils with original elements and ingredients from wood, spices and flowers, Mad et Len are one of very few perfume and candle houses that do not dilute any of their essential oils or naturally sourced fragrance, which explains why the scent their products emit is so beautiful and intense.IMG_1412

Further, compared to many other ‘luxury’ candle or home fragrance brands who use animal-derived ingredients and beeswax in their products, Mad et Len only use a hand-poured soy vegetable wax. The artisanal ‘Blacksmith Collection’ candle and lava shells are also made by hand using iron which is then blackened in a fire. Once the candle has burnt out (they last forever) you are left with this stunning rustic-looking black urn which has a multitude of uses and is something you just simply hang onto. It’s raw beauty is timeless.

Mad et Len focus their attention on quality and rarity and they deliberately shun consumerism by selling only to a very small number of boutique retailers. If you can manage to put some Mad et Len products in your home, you will never revert back to the cheaper alternatives. That would be a crime. They are such exquisite and luxurious pieces that are fantastic gift ideas if you are looking for something unique.

Mad et Len is available at Torsa on High St, Prahran.

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