Mádara Organic Skincare

Mádara Organic Skincare recently came onto my radar when my sister encouraged me to try some of their products, which she had subsequently fallen in love with. Ever the sceptic, and having just cleaned out my bulging at the seams skincare cabinet, I obliged and trotted along to my bathroom to try the SOS Hydra Mask Moisture + Radiance treatment mask.

Ten minutes later, it was love. Two months later, it is undying love and once again, I have a skincare cabinet that is bulging at the seams.

 I am a firm believer in quality skincare and will always choose effective and beneficial skincare products over makeup as your skin needs constant care and nourishment as a consequence of the constant cycle of elements it is exposed to. There is nothing better than beautiful, healthy, glowing skin and even though nourishing from the inside is critical, what you put on the surface plays an equally important role in the health and wellbeing of your skin.

Formulated and made in the Baltic region of Latvia, Mádara Organic Skincare aims to prove that nature can give us all we need for personal skincare products. The most powerful ingredients originate from our earth and Mádara products are made from pure and precious essences of northern herbs, unique seed oils and arctic berries, all of which are packed with essential omegas, powerful and beneficial antioxidants and strong anti-ageing actives. Mádara insists on truly effective ingredients backed up by scientific validation, environmentally friendly packaging, no testing on animals and care, passion and respect, which is evident in the time and effort they put into their product research.

Whilst Mádara is not a certified vegan-friendly brand, they only have five products throughout their extensive range that contain animal ingredients (you can read more about these and discover the five products here). I have spent hours trawling through their website, reading about all of their ingredients, why and what they are used for and what Mádara products you will find them in. It is incredibly refreshing to see a brand so transparent about their processes and product development and one that cares so much about returning to nature to seek the results we all desire from our skincare products. In fact, Mádara are so transparent with their processes that should you ever find yourself on Latvian soil, you can tour their factories and see how their products are formulated, packaged and sealed. Not many skincare companies are willing to offer that to the prying eyes of consumers.

Mádara Organic Skincare has swiftly become a firm favourite in our household and we continue to trawl our way through their extensive range of products.  They offer such a broad variety of skincare, hair and baby products and I absolutely love everything they stand for and their exquisite aesthetic. I highly recommend trialling a few and adding them to your cabinet as staples in your personal beauty regime. My picks? The SOS Hydra Mask Moisture + Radiance and the Time Miracle Age Defence Day Cream. Both of these products are absolutely magical.

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