Made by Fressko: Say Adios to Takeaway Cups and Plastic Bottles

I recently uploaded a photo of one of my (many) drink bottles and I’ve been asked quite a number of times where it’s from, so I thought i’d share the love and tell you about the amazing company who makes them, Made by Fressko.Made by Fressko

I’m a drink bottle fiend, addict, hoarder, whatever you want to call me and I know a good liquid carrier when I see one. It’s almost sad in a way that I actually get super excited about stylish, BPA free and sustainable bottles. I’m not telling lies when I say I probably have 40-odd drink bottles in my house. (There is one coming out by another brand next year that is the same shape as an A5 piece of paper. Don’t ask how I know this. It’s embarrassing that i’m excited about it – more on this another time).

Made by Fressko is an amazing little Melbourne based company that are all about clean living, sustainability and quality products. Their philosophy is simple – ‘Be kind to mother earth, to others and to yourself’. Fressko are trying to eliminate the rubber, plastic and take-away cup culture by creating stylish and sustainable coffee, tea and fruit water flasks that are all 100% BPA and chemical free. Their reusable flasks are made from double-walled glass or stainless steel and come with leak-proof bamboo lids. Drinking from glass is considered to be the most natural, safe and tasty way to consume liquids.

Fressko’s tea, coffee and fruit water flasks are completely leak-proof and will keep your liquids either hot or cold for hours. And let’s be honest, they are far more stylish than any take-away cup on the market. These are a perfect gift idea for friends and family and anyone obsessed with getting their morning tea, coffee or activated water fix.

Check out Made by Fressko here.


  • K says:

    Can you recommend a water drink bottle?
    Ideally a couple of litres.

    • Anna says:

      Hi K,

      It’s hard to find a great water bottle that is a couple of litres and environmentally friendly. I use glass ones by BKR and I think they do up to a litre in size. Only problem being is because they’re glass, they’re slightly heavier.

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