Missy Lui: Toxic-free Nail Spa

Ladies (and gents), LISTEN UP! This post applies to you if you have nails on your hands or feet. Unless you are a mermaid with no arms, this post should apply to virtually everyone.

Until recently, I hadn’t given much thought to toxic-free nail polishes, let alone salons. Most Melbourne salons use the same products across the board. Am I right when I say that every nail salon seems exactly the same? You know what i’m talking about. They all use the same brands, same pedicure chairs, same everything. Sigh, give us some variety!

Missy Lui, please enter and let me bow down to you. My nails no longer look like they’ve been taken to with a chainsaw, break when I say boo to them or like I haven’t consumed a keratin-boosting nutrient in 20 years. And it’s all thanks to you Missy Lui.

Missy Lui is a recently opened nail spa on High Street, Armadale that I have become acquainted with in the past couple of months. I’ve had my paws tended to a number of times by the wonderful team there and I can honestly say they’ve changed my (personal grooming) life. Until recently, I was a nail biter. I confess. I know, cringe and grimace through your computer screen at me. It’s disgusting. BUT, I have broken that habit and you should now be able to see my nails gleaming from anywhere within a 30km radius. Loud and proud!missylui05

Image: Missy Lui pedicure bays.

Missy Lui believe that your nails should be beautiful even after the polish is removed. Many of the big nail polish brands readily available to us today have toxins like formaldehyde resin, dibutyl phthalate, oxybenzone, benzophenone and propyl paraben in them. Shellac? Let’s not even go there. When you’re applying these to your incredibly porous nails, that ain’t a good thing. They’re toxic, harmful to your health and damaging to your nails. All of the nail polishes used and stocked at Missy Lui, including RGB, Zoya, Dazzle Dry, Kester Black, Sheswai and Suncoat are free from these 5 toxic ingredients – they’re so good for you, you could almost eat them (don’t). Say goodbye to scary drills, contaminated equipment and heavy fumes that make you feel as high as a kite (if you enjoy this feeling, then the hand massage you get with one of Missy Lui’s classic manicures will also do the trick). There is none of those nasty things here. Missy Lui is like walking into a sanctuary of health, environmental sustainability and cruelty-free goodness.

As well as being 5-free, all of the polishes at Missy Lui are cruelty-free and vegan. They’re good for you, good for the environment and good for the animals. What more could you ask for? Sheswai, one of my favourites at Missy Lui, is free from all the nasties I mentioned above and even the lid of the nail polish is made from sustainably harvested wood, thereby reducing the use of plastic. Ohmagawd, all my beliefs rolled into one.IMG_5569

Image: ‘Scuse the gym gear.

So how did Missy Lui come about? Peggy, the owner and founder of Missy Lui, realised there was a gap in the market for 5-free manicures and pedicures and a need in Melbourne to have a sanctuary for women (and men) to enjoy getting beautiful and healthy nails. She was tired of visiting nail spas and feeling uncomfortable with the level of cleanliness, the toxic nature of the products and the quality of the job she was getting, so she created a haven where low-toxicity, hygiene and cruelty-free products were of upmost importance.

 Missy Lui wanted to make an impression on the market and set a trend for others to follow, not only with their philosophy but with their style and decor as well.

The interior of Missy Lui is tastefully done with neutral hues and a calming and ‘earthy’ palette. Designed by Melbourne based architect and designer Anne-Sophie Poirer, it has a real Scandinavian look to it that makes you feel right at home. Sit down in the incredibly comfy chairs, relax and sip a complimentary refreshment of your choice, all whilst browsing the internet on one of the free to use iPad’s.

Further, all the mums out there that want to pamper their little princesses why they get themselves tended too, Missy Lui does children’s mani-pedi’s using only water based polishes that are MADE for children and free of anything harmful.


Missy Lui has set the benchmark for nail salons. I highly, highly recommend giving them a go. You won’t regret it! And the best thing? Missy Lui sell their polishes off the rack. Toxic nail polishes, be gone!
NB: Vegans take note: The Japanese Manicure and Pedicure is not vegan. It contains beeswax.

Missy Lui
1161 High St
Armadale, VIC



  • Mary says:

    It’s not vegan because of beeswax and not cruelty free because buffer is made from buckskin ;/

    • Anna says:

      Hi Mary,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Are you talking about Missy Lui as a whole not being vegan? Then yes, they use Beeswax in some of their products, but they offer many cruelty-free and vegan alternatives as well.

      In terms of buffer being made from buckskin, i’m not sure where you got that information from but I don’t think that is correct. Would you mind telling me where you sourced that information?

      Thanks, Anna

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