Neena: Your Cruelty-Free Beauty Hub

There’s a new kid on the beauty block..

And we really like them. Like, really, really like them!

Neena is the latest online hub for the most stylish and up-to-date products for cruelty-free and free-from skincare and cosmetics lovers. Stocking an extensive range of hair, makeup, skin, mens, kids and body products, Neena ensures that the entire range sold on their website is free from animal-derived ingredients, cruelty-free and good for you and your body.

Everyone has a personal beauty regime that they stick to and that they’re comfortable with and whether you have used the same products year in, year out (even if they don’t really work), or you have every product under the sun in your bathroom, shopping for cruelty-free and vegan friendly substitutes shouldn’t be hard or time consuming. I’ve been told on many occasions that shopping for safe, ethical and humane products can be difficult. Most people are confused my misleading brand and product information provided by the skincare and cosmetic giants. Other people are unsure of certain ingredients and what are animal-derived and what are not. And the rest are up in arms because they simply don’t know what brands they should be using on themselves and their families.

It shouldn’t be like this.

The majority of the population don’t ever want to use a product that has been tested on the skin of a dog, the eyes of a rabbit or the hair of a mouse. You shouldn’t have to. There are so many incredible brands out there creating fantastic products that trump the big brands in terms of quality, safety and value for money. Cosmetic testing on animals is an incredibly outdated practice that should never, ever be used simply for the sake of a new mascara. Or anything for that matter.


At the same time, not only is there an issue with animal testing, there is also an issue with ingredients that are commonly used that are of animal origin. There are dozens upon dozens of animal-derived ingredients that are snuck into products without the knowledge of their consumers and some of them are absolutely disgusting. They are hidden behind scientific names and terms that not only mislead people, but mask what they really are. Here are some of the worst, but most popular, ingredients of animal origin found in cosmetic products:

Gelatine; found in creamy and ‘sticky’ cosmetic and nail products. Made from the skins, tendons, bones and ligaments of animals.

Tallow (Animal Fat); often seen in foundations, eye products and lipsticks. It is collected by boiling the bodies of animals until a fatty substance is produced.

Lanolin; found in most lipsticks and some skin products. The sweaty, oily mess derived from wool animals such as sheep.

Carmine; products such as blush, eye shadows and any others that require a pigment. Made from the coloured dye derived from crushed beetles.

Gross right? Just imagine if the back of your moisturiser said this:

Ingredients: Animal fat derived from a pigs arse, ground bones from a calf, sheep sweat and crushed up beetle.

Would you still buy it? I think not.

And to make matters worse, ingredients such as petroleum and artificial fragrances are then piled on top of these ingredients to disguise the feral odours and consistencies that usually come with said ingredients. Knowing this and then combining it with the fact that anything rubbed, smeared or wiped onto your skin is then absorbed into your bloodstream in less than 26 seconds and you’ve got yourself a really (sticky (probably from the animal fat)) situation. In comparison to eating bad food which can be processed and then digested through your body, most ingredients and chemicals found in products stay lingering in your blood stream until your blood has managed to clean itself – a timely process.

Yuk, yuk, yuk!

So, with all this in mind, is it time to give your bathroom cupboards a detox?

I’m going to be slowly working my way through the entire Neena range. Knowing that every.single.item on the website is cruelty-free and free from animal-derived ingredients means that my shopping should be done in under 10 minutes instead of the usual hour it takes trawling through hundreds of ingredients. How bloody exciting.

You can shop the Neena Hub by visiting

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