Oh Hello Hair!

Stalking Instagram recently, I stumbled across a hair product that immediately gained my attention. Over the past few years, my hair has been in relatively good nick, but before that it was completely fooked up.  Consequently, I’ve developed a knack of sourcing pretty amazing hair products and Hello Hair is one I’m completely besotted with.

Made of argan, coconut and almond oils, the Hello Hair treatment is like a slice of heaven for your hair. I have super thick hair that is very fine and drops most of the way down my back, so finding an amazing treatment that gives me enough product (I lather it on) whilst at the same time meeting all my cruelty-free pre-requisites is a must.

When applying, it can be quite oily and messy, but trust me – it’s worth it! Once it’s in your hair, whack on one of those disposable shower caps (I collect them from hotels) or wrap your head in glad wrap and sit tight. The longer you leave it in, the better and more Victoria’s Secret-esque your locks will come out.

It’s nice to see an Australian owned and made product that has 100% all natural ingredients, is vegan friendly (of course) and is not tested on animals. Simple luxury!

Hats off to you Hello Hair.


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