Pammies: Cruelty-Free UGG Boots

*Welcome back, everyone! After a nice break over the Christmas and New Year period, it’s time to get my toosh back into gear and work towards a bigger and better 2016. I hope everyone had a wonderful time with family and friends over the break and you all got some time off to eat and be merry.

It’s summer Down Under so I thought there was no better way to kick of 2016 then with a post about… winter shoes. Ah well. Whatever, it’s the wrong time of year, I know. But these are fantastic. And everyone loves (cruelty-free) UGG boots, right?

Right. So let’s get started.

UGGs have a very UGGLY side to them and they have seen a surge in popularity over the last 20 years thanks to Pamela Anderson and THAT Baywatch red swimsuit. However, the woman who single-handedly made the Aussie boots famous has now released her own line of UGGs with one small but important difference – they’re completely cruelty-free.

Anderson, an actress, model, author and animal rights activist is now one of the most recognised vegans and animal advocates in the world and stands passionately against the very thing she brought into ‘fashion’ all those years ago. By releasing her own line of cruelty-free UGGs called ‘Pammies’, Anderson is hoping to encourage people to move away from the cruel and unnecessary practices of genuine UGG boots and opt for a greener, cleaner and kinder alternative (you can read more about the cruelty behind UGG boots here).


With classic and aesthetically pleasing designs, Pammies are made from a product called UltraSuede, which has the softness and feel of regular suede but the durability and supreme performance of ultra-microfibre. The UltraSuede is made from 100% recycled micro fibre that is easy to clean, antimicrobial and incredibly environmentally friendly. Pammies boots are ideal for people who want a stylish alternative to regular UGG boots and want to minimise their impact on animals and the environment. That should be everyone.

The whole idea of an UGG boot is to keep your feet cosy and warm in cooler months and provide a soft comfort as an indoor shoe. Indoor being the key word there. So if one pair can do that job whilst at the same time being completely cruelty-free and environmentally friendly, why wouldn’t you go for that option?

You can grab yourself a pair of these cosy hand-made comforts from the Pammies website. They aren’t cheap (seriously) with prices starting at US $299 + shipping, but you’re paying for the quality and the materials that have gone into making them. Be sure to grab yourself a pair before the cooler months are knocking at your door.


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