Pearly Whites: My Weapons of Choice

If you are anything like me, teeth are one of the first things I notice on someone else. Even to my untrained eye, I feel like I can tell (or smell) when someone has poor oral hygiene which, for me, is something I simply cannot understand. You only get one set of adult teeth, why on earth wouldn’t you look after them?

Side note: Forgive the ginormous photo of me and my teeth.

Even if I can’t comprehend it, teeth, for some people seem to be regularly neglected in ones health regime. We visit the dentist maybe once a year (I am one of those freaks that loves going to the dentist), reach for a mint if our breath is bad and some just whack on a nice red lipstick to make their teeth appear whiter. Whatever your mouth situation, i’m sure we could all work to improve our overall oral health.

But! Stop right there.

Great dental hygiene shouldn’t have to come at the expense of animals. Earlier this year when I discovered my favourite brand of toothpaste, White Glo, had begun selling their products in China and therefore started testing on animals (Chinese law), I was absolutely heartbroken. Heartbroken. I felt betrayed and was pissed off that a ‘vegan’ brand had failed us all and started testing on animals all in favour of the mighty dollar. Oh, the betrayal!

Since then I have been on the quest to find oral hygiene products that could deliver the same cleaning and whitening benefits as White Glo, without the cruelty. And you’ll be happy to know i’ve found some absolute pearlers (pardon the pun). They’re natural, whitening, cruelty-free and NOT one of the big brands like Colgate, Listerine, Oral-B and Arm & Hammer who are renowned for conducting millions of tests on animals every single year.

Read on to find out more….

My Magic Mud

You may have noticed activated charcoal becoming more common in teeth whitening and oral health products. Activated charcoal has been known for its health benefits for over 3500 years and it is still used in hospitals and veterinary centres to combat poisoning, drug overdoses and excessive alcohol consumption.

Activated charcoal is extremely absorbent and therefore great at actively detoxifying the mouth. It is attracted to tannins, which is a naturally occurring plant-based substance often found in red wine, coffee and some teas – some of the worst teeth staining offenders.

My Magic Mud is a wonderful product that has jumped on the activated charcoal trend creating a flavourless, activated charcoal powder containing only four ingredients. It is natural, vegan friendly, gluten free, non GMO and not harmful if swallowed (even for the little ones).

You can buy a pot of My Magic Mud here.

My Magic Mud
Noir Body

For those who aren’t game enough to try activated charcoal in powdered form, Noir Body has developed the perfect product for you. With a fresh, minty taste, the Noir Body toothpaste will get you on track to a whiter and brighter smile. The price is considerably higher than most toothpastes, but you get more in the tube and it truly is a fantastic product. Besides, you can’t put a price on the health of your teeth.

Available here.

Noir Body
Keeko Oil

Oil pulling is an amazing oral detoxifying treatment. This Ayurvedic procedure has seen a resurgence in the last few years and claims to whiten teeth, make your breath fresher and improve overall oral health by removing all oil-soluble toxins held inside your mouth. Although the notion of swishing raw coconut oil in your mouth for 5-15 minutes may be daunting and not overly appealing, it’s well worth it for how amazing your mouth feels afterwards.

For all the novice oil pullers, Keeko Oil is a fantastic way to start. With three tasty flavours available (my personal favourite is mint), you will be hooked before you know it.

NB: Always be sure to spit your coconut oil into the garbage rather than the sink, unless you want a nice blockage in a few months time.

You can purchase Keeko Oil from Neena.

Keeko Oil
Keeko Toothbrush

The Keeko toothbrush uses activated Japanese Ubame Oak Charcoal in its bristles which release negative ions to help prevent bacteria growth.

The best part? When your done with your toothbrush, you can throw it straight in the recycling bin, instead of contributing to the hundreds of thousands of plastic toothbrushes that end up in landfill every year.

Keeko Toothbrushes are available here.


Disclaimer if you can call this a disclaimer: These are my personal favourites and not necessarily the favourites of my dentist. I’ve been using them all for quite a few months now and have had a dental check-up since and my teeth and mouth are apparently in great condition. I take great care of my teeth, flossing regularly, using good quality toothbrushes and avoiding dairy and too much sugar. To date, i’ve been lucky enough to never have an issue with my teeth – I haven’t even had a filling (touch wood). So, hopefully that means i’m doing something right! However, if you are unsure about the use of any of these products, please be sure to contact your dentist.


  • Thank you so much Anna for the advice about White Glo…I was using it because the company didn’t test on animals…after reading your post have stopped immediately. Am now using Red Seal and Pure & Green Organics toothpaste.

    • Anna says:

      Don’t worry Sue, they fooled me too! Glad to hear you have switched to a cruelty-free alternative. You should try the Noir Body toothpaste or Magic Mud powder next!


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