Recycled Pepper Wood Candles

I’ve gone slightly mad for these recycled pepper tree wooden three-wick candles and candle holders from Eco Chic recently.

The pepper tree is an invasive weed native to the areas of Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil that has invaded New South Wales and Queensland. It is now classified as a Class 3 weed as it dominates ecosystems and prevents the growth of native plant species. It is destroyed where possible with no negative impact on the environment.

 I love seeing products capitalise and recycle something to create another thing that is purposeful and beautiful. One mans trash is another ones treasure!

The gorgeous blonde wood of the pepper tree

 candles are a stand out piece in any home and a great find for the eco-conscious interior lover (cough). They’re huge and the burn time is phenomenal. My advice? If you are interested in picking up a couple of the logs, when they eventually burn out, refill them with your own home-made soy wax and favourite essential oil scent and have gorgeous candles over and over and over again. Alternatively, clean the wax residue out of the log candles and reuse them elsewhere around your home as a bowl.

I love the Eco Chic site and it’s philosophy on green living and interiors. While not everythinge is vegan or cruelty-free, I could spend hours trawling through their page. The founders, Paula and Cris, echo my thoughts on living a green existence and realise there is a demand for eco-friendly products and sustainable furniture, without sacrificing beauty or quality. As they say themselves, Eco Chic is an online furniture store that is a little less Birkenstock and a little more Balenciaga.

You can find them here.pepper_log_pillar_candles_LR


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