Roar with TOMS and National Geographic

As the chief animal lover at TOMS and the wife of founder Blake Mycoskie, Heather Mycoskie was moved when visiting gorilla’s in the Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo and was inspired to expand the TOMS business and launch the TOMS Animal Initiative in 2014. Aside from partnering with Virunga National Park and gorillas, Heather and TOMS have also joined forces with the World Wildlife Fund to protect the threatened Rhino species, and the Clinton Foundation and Wildlife Conservation Society to help protect African elephants from being poached in the wild.

But there’s more.

For the latest TOMS Animal Initiative, TOMS are partnering with National Geographic and supporting their critical nonprofit work with the Big Cats Collection. The initiative aims to drive awareness and provide financial support to a range of global conservation efforts and this particular range is focusing on big cats, which are disappearing at an alarming rate. Lion numbers have dropped from 450,000 to approximately 20,000 over the past 50 years due to hunting, habitat loss and the bone trade and they are now considered endangered species. These majestic beings need to be protected, not poached or threatened, for future generations to come and buy purchasing a pair (or seven) of shoes or accessories from the Big Cats Collection, your money is directly supporting this initiative, people and big cats around the world.

The TOMS Animal Initiative isn’t possible without your support so if you’re already a fan of TOMS, a fan of animals or just a sucker for animal print accessories, pop into any TOMS store or visit them online at and grab yourself, your hubby or the kids some shoes or accessories from the Big Cats range. We can all help these beautiful creatures by continuing to raise awareness and supporting ideas like the TOMS Animal Initiative because if something isn’t done about the alarming rate at which humans are destroying and poaching big cats (and most other exotic animals for that matter), there won’t be any left in our lifetime.

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