Saskia Diez Papier Bags

Stylish travel bags made of paper? I’m sorry, what?

When most people think of paper bags they think of the small ones sandwiches go into at the (vegan) deli or the bags you get when you shop at stores that actually give a shit and don’t want to use plastic. What most people don’t think of is sustainable and stylish travel bags made out of the same material as something that feeds into your printer.

Mind. Blown.

The Papier travel bag series was created as a collaboration between husband and wife design team Saskia and Stefan Diez. While designing the Papier Tyvek bag, Saskia and Stefan considered the basic requirements of a travel bag – durability, protection and weight – and sought for an appropriate material other than the traditional choices of leather and reinforced textiles and that’s when they discovered Tyvek.

Tyvek is more cost-effective and versatile then fabric and is an environmentally responsible material that is 100% recyclable. Further, it is a stronger and extremely lightweight alternative to paper that is exceptionally robust and both water- and tear-proof.

Mind. Blown. Again.3205

Made in Germany, the Papier bags weigh approximately 135 grams each and can carry more than 35 kilos, which means you can jam pack even more shopping into them without having to worry about luggage restrictions (can I get a hell yes!). When used normally the bags have a lifetime of several years and wrinkle over the course of time. I personally love the wrinkled look and have ordered one for myself in black.

Bags like the Papier bags are the way of the future and a fantastic cruelty-free, sustainable and stylish alternative to the commonplace leather.

Available for approximately $179 including postage at Saskia Diez.black135g2











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