Sticks & Sparrow: Stylish Shades for the Eco-Conscious Fashionista

I am a sucker for a good pair of shades. Those who know me well and see me often know that i’m always in a different pair of sunnies. I have two to three pairs in my car, a couple in my handbag and about twenty in my cupboard at home. Addict. Nothing beats a good pair of sunnies and I am always willing to fork out whatever the price if i’m getting great quality.

When shopping for peeving equipment shades nowadays, I often have a few prerequisites. They need to have a great lens with good quality protection. They also need to be easy to wear, a bit different and ideally with a bit of an ‘eco’ stamp to their name. They also can’t have nose feet. I’m not a fan of nose feet. In fact, I really don’t like them. I wear my sunnies on my head a lot (forgive me UV father for I have sinned) and the nose feet pull my hair out. My hair gets caught in them and makes me look like i’ve got long hairs growing from the bridge of my nose. Nice. Nose feet are designed to attack people like me who wear sunglasses on their head. Punishment for scratching the lenses. In saying that, I own about seven pairs of sunnies with nose feet. Sigh.

With my criteria above in mind, I have always struggled to find a pair of eco-friendly shades that I love. When I’ve found ones in the past that have almost fit the bill, they’ve been great….. if you are into the shame shade of brown throughout an entire range.

Enter Sticks & Sparrow.SS02Made from the fastest growing grass on earth, Sticks & Sparrow eyewear is beautifully hand-crafted eco-friendly eyewear made for the eco-conscience Aussie fashionista amongst us all. With on trend frame shapes and colours, the lightweight and high-strength frames are durable, stylish and impressively comfortable (and the pairs I have don’t have nose feet. Fist pump).


Sticks & Sparrow frames and temples are made by hand using bamboo, a super lightweight and durable material that is renewable and sustainable. The lenses are 100% UV protective and scratch resistant making it semi-ok that I whack them on my head all. the. time. The natural properties and textures of the bamboo have been enhanced and highlighted with stains, tints and polishes to bring out the natural beauty and raw appeal of the bamboo. Also, on a number of the styles, plant-based acetate fronts feature with well matched bamboo temples for added texture and a luxurious edge.

Sticks & Sparrow is committed to utilising renewable materials that not only minimise wastage but also have a great aesthetic – the perfect choice for women who are keen on style with an environmental conscience. Me to a tee.

Check out Sticks & Sparrow here.

IMG_5701I’m not the only one obsessed with my Sticks & Sparrow shades.

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