Teeki: Eco-Conscious Activewear

If I’m honest, I probably spend far too much time in activewear. Far too much time. It’s virtually all I wear. It’s so comfortable and easy to throw on in the morning that I just don’t even bother acting like a civilised human being and getting dressed. Activewear all day, errrry day. Besides, who cares, everyone wears it these days!

With this in mind, i’m always on the lookout for new and interesting brands and ideally ones who go that extra mile to ensure their products are not only of fantastic quality, but helping the environment too. When I stumbled across the Teeki brand some time ago, I was so impressed to learn about the sustainability and ethos of the brand and how they strive to protect our environment by utilising conscientious business and manufacturing processes. All of the Teeki products are made by using sustainable or recycled goods by spinning fibres made out of recycled plastic bottles and then cutting, printing and sewing using only environmentally friendly practices. Impressive, huh?
Teeki products are all made in California and they support various non-profit organisations dedicated to ocean conservation, protecting marine life and ending plastic pollution. Some of their designs are pretty loud and out there, but others are more subtle and easy to wear. My favourite styles of pants are the Rebirth, Purple Awakening and New Moon.

You can find Teeki activewear in your area via the stockist locator here.


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