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I love receiving flowers. I really, really do. However, I have one small issue with them. They die. There, I said it. While they look beautiful, that beauty only lasts for so long and then they end up in the compost and for the best part forgotten. Personally, I would rather something that can be displayed for weeks, months and even years on end, wouldn’t you?

Reading The Bible recently, aka Grand Designs Magazine, I stumbled across The Glasshouse Co. and fell instantly in love with their luxurious, handmade, hydroponic terrariums. Or, as I like to call them, the gift that just keeps on giving. These modern and swish-looking creations are a great way for people to bring a touch of green into their homes or workplaces and offer a wonderful and contemporary alternative to the common bouquet of flowers.

The glasshouse co
So, what is a hydroponic terrarium you ask? Well, it sounds far more complicated then what it actually is. A hydroponic terrarium is a vessel containing a plant or plants that are grown in water and without the use of soil. They are long lasting, easy to maintain and a refreshing alternative to usual pot plants that can be a hassle to plant, grow and maintain.

 What is beautiful and unique about the hydroponic terrariums that The Glasshouse Co. create are the way in which the succulents are grown and displayed. In a small tower formation, a succulent is displayed in the top box and the roots of the succulent, which are usually hidden, are exposed in the water box underneath. It is a very organic way of seeing plants in their raw form and watching them grow and change over the weeks and months is a beautiful way of seeing nature work at its best.

Each terrarium, or Box Garden, is individually handmade, uniquely gift wrapped in beautiful gift bags in Sydney and then hand delivered to you, with succulents, by courier. The succulents are all grown in Australian soil, are easy to maintain and flourish in The Glasshouse Co hydroponic box design. And they make a completely radical gift idea.

The Glasshouse Co

Available in copper and black, these little beauties start at $55 for the small and work their way up to $89 for the large. You can buy them with or without the succulents and 10% of all The Glasshouse Co. profits go to charity. For those with green thumbs that are non-existent or for those looking for an alternate gift idea, look no further. These garden boxes make the perfect gift and are a great way to incorporate some greenery into your life.

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