The PET Lamp

In terms of upcycling, the PET Lamp takes the cake.

Designed by Alvaro Catalan de Ocon, the PET lamp uses recycled plastic bottles collected from the Colombian Amazon and turns them into one-of-a-kind lamp shades bursting with colour, character and style. Hand woven by artisans in Chile, Colombia and now Africa, the Spanish designer’s lamps use traditional techniques and repurposed materials to create these gorgeous creations that inject life into any room with their bright and unique patterns.

pet lamp
PET Lamp
The PET lamp project is an initiative that is injecting life, employment and funding into rural areas in need of it most. At the same time, it is helping our already fragile environment by repurposing one of the biggest burdens on our planet – plastic. PET lamps reuse plastic bottles in their entirety, releasing some of the burden being placed on the Colombian Amazon by the millions of discarded bottles currently suffocating its existence. Every lamp is unique in its own right and reflects the tribe and individual artisan that has created the one-off piece.

PET lamps are the perfect example of industrial design rewriting the wrongs of industrial process. The initiative gives locals a means of sustaining themselves economically and providing for their families while bringing a livelihood back into their culture. They can express their knowledge and traditions on craft and have it displayed to the world, while at the same time helping our precious environment.

The PET lamp has been the receiver of many design awards and has been featured in exhibitions and galleries from Tokyo to New York. Coca Cola is now on board as a sponsor (how ironic) and big things are expected from the uber-stylish and environmentally friendly designs in the coming future.

You can check out these wonderful pieces of functioning art and support this fantastic initiative at Safari Living on High St, Prahran or by visiting
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