There’s just something about Roz

And by Roz, I mean Roz Kelly, now Roz Kelly Morkel. However, for most people her first name doesn’t need the surname add-ons. People just know Roz.

Intelligent, charismatic, funny, talented and down-to-earth are just a few words that could be used to describe her. This talented young woman has been nominated for a bunch of journalist awards and has covered some of the biggest sporting events on the planet. She’s brushed shoulders with greats like Kelly Slater and Ricky Ponting and hosted programs like Wide World of Sports and Getaway. She’s covered major sporting events like the Olympics, Commonwealth Games, the Ashes, the Rugby World Cup and has swam around the globe following the Surfing World Tour. Basically, if it’s on the small screen and sport related, Roz has done it.IMG_9635Roz Kelly and Cameron Williams

Up until late 2013, Roz was a caffeine-driven, sleep deprived, overworked robot that was conforming to the ideals of the TV world. She was tired, rundown and at her wits’ end. That was until she got engaged to South African fast bowler Morne Morkel in Dubai. Soon after, she had thrown in the towel at her high-flying Channel Nine job and pissed off with a one-way ticket to South Africa.

And she hasn’t looked back.

Time away from TV land has done Roz wonders in terms of her health and she is now a qualified holistic health and wellness coach and has her own website aptly subtitled ‘Wellness Musings’ over at She has found her groove living in Cape Town, South Africa and is taking some well deserved time out for herself. She is forever glowing, has given up her coffee addiction and is enjoying wedded life in her new South African abode. Yes, she has done a complete one-eighty.IMG_2290

Roz is driven, highly intelligent and has a heart as big as my arse after four weeks holiday. She is approachable, friendly and people relate to her well thanks to her wicked sense of humour and down-to-earth personality. She is also a natural beauty. A real raw beauty that you can’t take your eyes off (i’m not in love with her, I promise). She is an absolute delight to be around, so ‘normal’ it’s almost not normal and a wonderful woman to call a close friend.

Although I still struggle to come to terms with the fact that Roz is now in bed with the opposition and has ditched me and our shores for the quiet life over in South Africa, you can’t hold a grudge with her for too long. There’s just something too glorious about her.

I had the divine pleasure of chatting to Roz in a (sort of) serious nature and had a crack at delving into her private life for some of her secrets.

So Roz… you’re knocked up! Congratulations!

Sure am! I’m about 23 weeks along now and feeling great.

Is that because you finally found out who the father is?


Haha, yes, lucky Morne. He’s trapped for life now.image

How are you planning on maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle for the rest of your baby baking time?

Now that I’m pregnant I’ve realised there are millions of articles with all sorts of conflicting, crazy information and every woman and her dog wants to give you advice on pregnancy. But I’ve just zoned out to all of that and am living how I normally live, by tuning in and really listening to my body and eating and exercising accordingly. Pregnancy is not an illness, it’s super special which makes it even more important to nurture yourself – body and mind – during this time.

Wise advice my friend. Any weird cravings?

There haven’t been any bizarre late night supermarket runs for gherkin sangas or anything whacky just yet, but I’m definitely hungry more frequently and feel like I’m living in the kitchen constantly making meals.

You recently got hitched to South African cricketer Morne Morkel, can you share a few deets from your wedding? I hear someone lost your wedding ring….

The wedding was so much fun and I can’t wait for my second … Totally joking. Hope Morne isn’t reading this.

We had a very relaxed, intimate wedding in the Stellenbosch Winelands just outside of Cape Town and it truly was the best day of my life. We danced all night with our special people and the DJ had to kick Morne and I off the dance floor because we were the last ones standing! It was important to us for the wedding to reflect our style and healthy lifestyle so our menu was designed around all local and organic produce and we had a big dessert table with lots of healthy raw vegan treats for people to graze on all night. I’m regretting not eating more of them now. 

But yes, the whole thing was so relaxed that Morne and his groomsmen somehow lost my wedding band in the garden outside the chapel before the ceremony. I thought he was joking when he opened the box. But no, it was gone. He probably thought I was going to morph into bridezilla and eat his head off but we just laughed about it and used my mums ring for the ceremony before a search party found mine outside afterwards. It all made the day extra special. IMG_6407IMG_6058

You are now a qualified holistic health and wellness coach, what made you decide to take this path?

A good understanding of wellbeing and the foundations of good health have always been part of my life thanks to a very health conscious mum (she used to make us vegie chips before they got hipster). However, when I worked full time for ten years as a journalist all of that goodness and making your health a priority went out the window. Prioritising health just wasn’t an option with the crazy hours, travel and pressure I was pushing myself through. I was living in a constant state of high stress for many, many years and I was eating junk on the run or just surviving on coffee.

A couple of years ago a doctor told me I had adrenal fatigue, but that still didn’t slow me down. Despite feeling constantly exhausted, I was taking on more and more work. My light bulb moment came not long after Morne proposed when I decided it was time to take control of my life because good health and good relationships are the most important things we have. No job is worth sacrificing either of them for, so I took a leap of faith and went freelance.

It is a crazy paced world we live in now and I want to help others who may not have the luxury of drastic life and career changes. I want to help them to achieve better health and wellbeing that’s sustainable for them for the rest of their lives…. so they can kick ass!

What do you personally believe is the key to good health?

Balance. Sounds so ridiculously cliche I want to slap myself. But managing all aspects of your lifestyle is more important than focusing just on what you put in your mouth. If you are highly stressed or unhappy then no amount of broccoli in the world will improve your wellbeing. Trust me, I know.Roz Kelly

You now spend a lot of time on the road with Morne without the pressures of your job, how do you maintain a healthy lifestyle while travelling?

I developed a little rule for myself over the years. Eat super clean when I can control it (at home) then relax more when I can’t (on the road). So when I have a kitchen available I’ll go crazy making smoothies, juices and nutrient dense meals like a massive hermit. When I am travelling, first I’ll research and look for health stores or cafés nearby, but if there’s no good options then I’ll chill out and enjoy my damn pizza guilt free! 

However, I do make sure I snack well during the day on fruit and nuts so I know I’m giving my body as much nutrition as possible in my current situation. Customs officers must get freaked out by the amount of healthy snacks in my luggage. (I can confirm this – Roz often sends me photos of her luggage and she is a full-blown food smuggler).

This question gets asked a lot, but we have to know. You have the most incredible skin. What is your skincare regime?

I have a confession. I’m a lazy skincare person because I know that it’s what you eat and your lifestyle that make the biggest difference to the appearance of your skin. Rarely wearing makeup may be slack and scare the neighbours but I think that helps my skin breathe a lot and stay fresh. Other than that, I moisturise with coconut oil or rosehip oil and use Dr Hauschka organic products for cleansing which are nice and gentle.

How do you find the health and wellness scene in South Africa compared to Australia?

I have to admit when I first arrived in South Africa it was a shock to this health nerd’s system. Australian’s are real leaders in health and wellness and I was used to finding green smoothies on every street corner. But after some investigation and research I’ve found a really cool health scene in South Africa, especially Cape Town. The cafés are holes in the walls and I go to the local organic market at a nearby school every Friday and meet the farmers. It’s fun exploring and the scene is definitely alive and buzzing. I am sure it will continue to get bigger as well.IMG_4644

Who or what inspires you?

Definitely not social media. That place stresses me out these days. Maybe I’m getting old. I’m at my most inspired when I’m feeling healthy and relaxed and outdoors amongst nature.

What philosophy do you live by?

Shake and bake baby?! Clearly I need to work on my cool factor and develop a philosophy. However I do have an old poem stuck in my notepad and have carried it with me since I was a teenager. It’s called Desiderata by Max Erhmann. There is very nice life lessons in there which I check in with often. We even used it as a reading at our wedding.

What do you miss most about Australia? (Clears throat……coughs…..)

You are at the top of my list Anna, lucky I can creep on your blog for my daily hit of your fine self. Hanging with my friends and family obviously is número uno. And surfing carefree without worrying about monster great whites taking a nibble out of you. They breed ‘em big over in South Africa! IMG_4783

5 quickies…

My favourite food is…healthy homemade burritos. My specialty.
My can’t live without beauty product would have to be…. Coconut Oil
My favourite city is.. Not a city. I’m a country kid. Open space is my happy place.
A perfect weekend is spent… Getting wrinkly in salt water.
My favourites book is… The Bronze Horseman by Paulina Simons. Cried like a baby reading it.

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