This Is Unreal Fur

I’ve always thought people who wear real fur products are the ugliest people in the world. There is no other way to say it.

Blunt, perhaps. But people wearing real fur is something I absolutely loathe and anyone that thinks fashion is more important than a life has a heart as black as the ace of spades. Especially when it comes to fur.

For those who don’t know, most of the worlds fur comes from China where there are virtually no animal rights laws. The conditions that animals, whether they be rabbits, foxes, raccoons, dogs, cats, whatever, are kept in are nothing short of deplorable. Most of the animals are kept in tiny wire cages on huge fur farms where disease and injuries are widespread. They are removed from their cages, bludgeoned and then hung up by their legs or tails and skinned alive, while fully conscious. Some of the animals are still alive 10 minutes after being completely skinned. Can you even comprehend that pain and barbarity?

What makes things worse is that Chinese production companies often mislabel fur as being from another species and sell it to unsuspecting customers in retail stores around the world. Dog and cat fur has been found on countless occasions in fur accessories. Yep, dog and cat. So, if you buy fur there is no real way in knowing what kind of fur you’re actually wearing (you can read more about the fur industry here).

It makes me feel sick. And so angry. 

Who on earth would want to support that? So they can drape a fur coat over the shoulders? Hang a tacky fur pom-pom from their bag? Wear a feral chemically-treated fur scarf? Yuk. 

It is not fashionable. It is not cool. It is ugly. And you look like a heartless d*#khead.

However, if you like the look of fur but don’t want to support the cruelty, there are fantastic alternatives and brands for you to shop, like Unreal Fur. 

Unreal Fur is a Peta-approved vegan company that was born for the love of animals and fashion.
 Their mission is to create beautiful jackets, coats and vests made from the finest cruelty-free materials. Unreal Fur has managed to replicate the feel of real fur without going anywhere near an animal. They develop the finest quality faux fur which is ultra-luxurious and soft on the skin providing warmth, style and it’s a far more ethical – and classier – alternative to the real thing.

Unreal Fur

And what’s even better? Unreal Fur is Australian! And based in Melbourne! It is now stocked in over 20 countries, 100 cities and 450 stores including Harvey Nichols, Asos, The Iconic, Anthropologie and Shopbop.

I used to be of the mentality that I shouldn’t wear a product like Unreal Fur because people might think it was the ‘real’ thing and if they liked it, they might go and buy a real fur coat. However, if we could promote the faux option and encourage everyone onto a cruelty-free alternative, then wouldn’t that be a great thing? 

It’s entirely up to you whether you think promoting a fake-fur company is a good thing or bad thing.



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