Winter-Proofing Your Skin and Hair

With winter now well and truly on our doorstep, it is time to change up your beauty routine to ensure both your skin and hair are well equipped for the cold weather already engulfing us.  Winter is a pretty vicious cycle of dryer air, strong winds and too much heating which leave you with lifeless hair, lack-lustre skin and cracked lips – things we all want to avoid.

In an ideal world, we would all come out of the crisp, frigid cold of winter and have dewy and glowing skin with a whimsical mane often found only in fairytales. Whilst this is a dream for most, we can all get one step closer by taking drastic action to ensure our skin and hair are being looked after sufficiently and to the best of our ability (not talking about leg hair here, people). It is very easy in the cooler months to take the lazy route. As much as I would like to say ‘I woke up like this’ every day, it is the case and I always have to call for reinforcements to ensure I can actually set foot in public.

Without further ado, here are my tips and the tools of the trade I use to ensure I don’t come out of winter looking like a dehydrated grape.


Through the winter months, it is important to slough away dead skin cells and rid your body of dull and dry-looking skin (read: scales). Exfoliating is great for circulation, cellulite and giving your skin an overall detox, whilst at the same time providing a smooth and soft canvas for thick moisturisers and oils to be absorbed into the skin. I personally love the Summer Salt Body Black Sandalwood Himalayan Salt Scrub and the Atom Coffee Body Scrub. Both are fantastic at removing the dryness from your skin, are free from microbeads and leave a smooth and scale-free surface at the end.


Hot, hot, hot!

Hot water can really dry out your skin and give it that scaly and flaky looking appearance which no one wants. If you can, turn the heat down on your shower and settle for a luke warm temperature. Easier said then done, I know, but your skin will thank you for it.

Hand it to your hands…

Exposed to the elements all year round, your hands take an absolute beating in the winter months and they deserve to be looked after. When you combine hot water, soap and heating, your hands can end up being quite dry. Every night before bed, I lather my hands (and feet) in the Rasasara Hand & Nail Lotion. It lives next to my bed and is a lifesaver for my dry hands. I also carry the DnA Elements Hand Lotion in my handbag and apply throughout the day.

Always remove your makeup

Your skin has enough stress on it throughout the winter months, so the last thing you should be doing is leaving your makeup on at night. Using a gentle cleanser, like the Hello I’m Roar Facial Cleanser, is a great way to remove grime, makeup and dirt and soothe your skin.


Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise..


Pile this one on thick, ladies! Moisturising is so important in the cooler months. With shea butter, coconut oil and jojoba oil, the Simple As That Face Moisturiser is an absolute saviour and the perfect way to hydrate your face.

It is also important not to forget your precious limbs. So often we are so focused on our face that we forget to do the rest of our body. Using a beautiful body oil like Scent of Byron’s Soul Oil is a surefire way to ensure your skin keeps nourished and soft. Or, if a bit of winter colour is what you are after, try the Luna Bronze Gradual Tanner.
Pucker up

No one likes to kiss cracked lips, let’s be honest. Dry and dehydrated lips are incredibly uncomfortable and they are far more prevalent in the cooler months thanks to heating, colds and extreme weather conditions. To ensure your lips remain kissable all year round, make sure you are using a petroleum-free lip balm (no Papaw ointment!) like Rasasara’s Rose & Saffron Lip Balm.


Do blondes really have more fun?


Winter is the perfect ingredient for a crisp, beautiful blonde to turn into a dry, brassy blonde and make your hair go from yay, to ahhh nay. Adding a purple shampoo to your hair washing routine is a great way to ensure your blonde stays beautiful and bright. Hydrating your hair with a product specifically created for gorgeous blonde locks is important for maintaining your colour and optimal hair follicle hydration levels. Add the 6IX Haircare “Barbie” Shampoo to your washing regime and your hair will be squealing baby got back in no time.


Hair hydration

For hydration Queens, let Hot Tresses be your new best friend. Developed in Queensland by some very clever cookies, this three step (shampoo, conditioner and leave in treatment) hair care plan utilises vegan proteins and a bucketload of vitamins to leave you with thicker, healthier and stronger locks. A beautiful, bouncy mane is more achievable than you think.

Hot Tresses

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