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As my partner and I continue to search down the bay in Melbourne for the perfect block of land to build on (quite unsuccessfully might I add), I continue to waste my time digging through architecture and interior magazines instead of doing far more important things with my life, liking prioritising my website. Sorry, my bad.

Flicking through my 762nd magazine recently I discovered an amazing Melbourne-based company, Wood Melbourne, that makes wooden taps, spouts and shower heads from reclaimed timber that has been treated to make them durable for bathroom settings. Each piece is made by hand and Wood Melbourne have recently expanded their range to include concrete fittings and they are as equally as stunning as their wooden predecessors.
Wood Melbourne
Based in West Brunswick, Wood Melbourne was founded by carpenter, creator and builder Oliver MacLatchy. During a late night tinkering session in 2013, Oliver came up with the idea of a wooden spout and from there Wood Melbourne has grown to include taps, spouts, shower heads and vanity basins made from both wood and concrete.The raw timber used in Oliver’s creations is reclaimed timber that goes through a 12 step process by hand, including de-nailing and sanding. Four layers of a German hard wax oil is then applied which allows the timber to breathe and contract without any water penetrating through. When the taps, spouts or shower heads get wet, the water just beads off like a waxed car when it’s raining (bad example perhaps).

Each wooden or concrete spout, tap or shower head is unique in appearance but finished with uniform levels of exceptional craftmanship and quality. They provide a unique, sustainable and natural alternative to traditional spouts and are a simply exquisite addition to any home. Personally, I love the look and feel of timber, its raw beauty and how versatile it is and I really think it works well aesthetically with concrete and other materials.The Wood Melbourne creations can easily be retrofitted to existing bathrooms and custom-made to fit any size. You can check out Wood Melbourne here or by visiting their showroom at 146 Melville Rd, West Brunswick. They’re open Saturdays 11-2pm or by appointment.natural-bathroom-decor-by-wood-melbourne-1

Wood Melbourne

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