You are only as good as…

…….Your (makeup) tools so it is with pleasure that I introduce you to Antonym cosmetics, premium quality eco-friendly, cruelty-free and certified vegan makeup products that are gentle on your skin, animals and the environment.

Founded in 2010 by high profile and French-born makeup artist Valerie Giraud, Antonym has already garnered a huge following in the States and other parts of the world and now it has finally made its way out to Australia. Their brushes and products are exquisite and focus on using heavily pigmented ‘earthy’ and natural hues that are luminous, natural and good for your skin.

A few months ago I was introduced to the Antonym brand and after doing some research I picked up a set of their synthetic cruelty-free brushes. Whilst we have a great market for these products in Australia already, these little weapons take it to a whole new level. Remember back in school days when you used to have a bottle of Clag glue paste where you would remove the lid and the brush inside and then paint the glue on the paper really thick and heavy? Remember? Well, that’s what all other makeup brushes feel like now i’ve used Antonym. Like a Clag glue brush.

The Antonym brush handles are made from sustainable bamboo and the ultra-soft bristles are made from synthetic taklon. The brushes sit delicately in your hand, offer fantastic application precision and feel beautiful and soft on the skin. Even well before I was vegan, I have always preferred synthetic brushes. They’re easier to clean, they don’t irritate my skin like animal hair ones do and they are much cheaper. Besides, who wants to use real animal hair in a brush on their face? Oh, well excuse me why I just rub the plucked hairs from the ass of a squirrel over my cheekbones. Pass. 

Antonym Cosmetics

As well as Antonym’s brushes, i’ve also been giving their lipstick pencils, eye liner and mascara a whirl. If i’m honest, I liked the mascara but I didn’t love it. The lipstick pencils and eye liner though were simply superb. The lip colours offered some beautiful, natural shades, were soothing on the lips and had true staying power (pretty good for someone who spends most of her day eating). The eyeliner also held its ground and has a great, dark pigment.

 Both have become staples in my makeup bag.

Antonym Cosmetics

Even though Antonym’s product range isn’t incredibly big, it has everything you need for a beautiful and polished look. They use high-end natural and organic ingredients and materials which produce fantastic results. Everything i’ve used to date has been impressive and of high quality. Next on my hit list is their Organic Quattro Eye Shadow Palette.

Antonym is available at Sephora in Sydney or online. You can find out more about their fantastic range of products by visiting

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